Employment With Central Cabs

Becoming a Driver

To become a taxi driver you first need to pass a simple knowledge test, and fit the criteria set out by Sefton Council.

More Information about the criteria can be found at here

If you think you have what it takes to be a Central Cabs driver, contact John Woods on 07836 787364

We can assist you in gaining your license, and can provide you with a company car if necessary, once you have passed the criteria and been accepted as a driver.

Our standard company cars are white Vauxhall Astra diesel estates which are equipped with many modern features including central locking and electric front windows. They are all fitted with a datahead, 2 way radio link to our office and a taxi meter.

All company vehicles are maintained on a regular basis to ensure they conform to the standards that are needed to be a Hackney or Private Hire vehicle.

Drivers are responsible for the everyday maintenance i.e. checking oil, water levels etc.

The computerised equipment is very easy to learn to use and its functions will be explained fully when you take delivery of your car.

The radio is your voice link to the office, this is activated by putting a simple code into the datahead, which then opens the radio channel so you can speak directly to the operator. It is a far cry from the old voice system where you had the constant radio noise in the background, this system keeps you in touch with the operator without having the annoyance of the operator calling jobs all the time, making it a far more pleasant journey for passengers and the driver.

The taxi meter is how the price of the journey is calculated. There are a variety of makes of meters which have slight differences but all are very easy to use. ALL meters are calibrated and then sealed by Sefton Council Taxi Licensing officers to ensure that the price showing at the end of the journey is correct.

The datahead is where you will recieve your jobs, each coming through in an easy to understand format.

  • Time of booking
  • Customer Name
  • Pickup point
  • Destination

Additional information may well be added indicating journeys via another place, shopping lists etc.

Many of our drivers have been with the company for quite a number of years and enjoy their jobs very much. Click on this button to see what they have to say.

Working in the Office

Opportunities for employment in the office do arise on occasion, most of our office staff have a background in the taxi trade, but anybody who is interested in an office job is welcome to contact us for further information. If you are interested in working in the office as either a telephonist, or as a operator(with knowledge of Southport).

Please contact the office manager Paul Sinclair on 01704 544555

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